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Lost Girl is one of the sexiest shows on SyFy. It helps that it's about a succubus who feeds on sexual energy. Silk brings more than just sex appeal to Bo. Not only is she ballsy and kick-ass, but. Jul 30, 2014 · It’s another big night for the Syfy Channel, as the network gets set to air Sharknado 2: The Other One–which required a sequel after the original Sharknado took off last summer. It’s hard to figure out Sharknado‘s success, though.The idea of a tornado flying sharks around wasn’t any weirder than other Syfy movies like, say, the land-loving man-eaters of Sand Sharks.Author: JRT.

20 Sexiest Women In Sci-Fi. 36. 5. sexy, juicy apples that is. getting any girl to even give us the time of day is an achievement in and of itself so if the only female attention we can Author: Matt Aspin. Mar 26, 2009 · We’re too awkward or anti-social or have cartoonishly high pitched voices. Those of us within the culture know that this view has shifted in recent years (what with nerds being trendy now and all) but it may help explain why sci-fi movies are filled with some of the most insane sex Author: Rob Bricken.

See Sexy Sci-fi Chicks and more at Mr. Skin. Click now for all nude scene compilations, original playlists, and your favorite naked celebs! Jul 04, 2015 · The way people have been going on about Kate Beckinsale's steamy shower scene in Whiteout, you'd think no one had ever taken a shower in a sci-fi film before! Maybe it's time critics took a cold shower themselves, because as far as we can tell, such scenes are almost as much a Author: Adam-Troy Castro.