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Mar 13, 2016 · With the rapid development of society, teenagers that lack sex education tend to engage much in premarital sex due to their curiosity or the negative models provided by the media. However, teenagers are not encouraged to have premarital sex because of the immatureness of sexual organs. Premarital Sex – Causes Of Premarital Sex. There is no behavior without reason. We need to examine reasons why Christian youths do fall into the sins of fornication. Please note that sexual relationship is divided into three, namely: (a) Premarital sex (fornication) (b) Pure (Holy or Legal) sexAuthor: Bisi Adewale.

(a) Premarital sex (fornication) (b) Pure (Holy or Legal) sex (c) Extra - marital Sex (Adultery) Premarital sex is what most youths engage in before marriage while extra-marital sex is what some married people indulges in, when they are not faithful to their partner. Pure, holy or legal sex is the only legitimate sex, it occurs between married. the effects of premarital sex Premarital sex is an activity of having sex between couples of different genders or the same gender as it was popularly known nowadays before the age of marriage, or before getting the marriage certificate.

Jul 19, 2017 · Practical reasons for premarital sex trump religion and morality. More people today are sexually active before marriage than ever before. The true reasons are . Jun 12, 2012 · The Cutting Room Floor: “The Causes and Effects on Premarital Sex” by Stephanie Joyce Uymatiao for English IV Second Term 2007-2008 Submitted to Miss Melfe Cañolas Cuizon Holy Cross High School Outline Page I. Introduction II. Definition of Terms A. Sex B. Adolescents and Puberty III. Causes .