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Feb 18, 2015 · Since Rapiscan was unable to substitute the nude images with generic images, and because of questions regarding the safety of X-rays, the backscatter machines were replaced. So Author: Dara Continenza. The TSA installed backscatter technology, or body imaging X-ray, at airports across the United States only to remove them a few years later in favor of machines that are less intrusive. Currently, you will encounter a different type of scanner that does not use X-ray technology.

While the fidelity of the scans from this machine are of surprisingly low resolution, especially compared to the higher resolution "naked scanners" using the potentially harmful x-ray backscatter Author: Joel Johnson. May 31, 2013 · The TSA first started using backscatters in 2008. The technology, produced by the security system company Rapsican, detects hazardous objects by creating a detailed image based on each individual Author: Carol Kuruvilla.

Those x ray machines that display nude images of passengers, the ones that some TSA employees view remotely (Rapiscan AIT full body scanners) are on their way out from airports, as the controversy and uproar about their intrusiveness forced the TSA to . Jan 25, 2011 · Do They Really See You NAKED at the Airport X-Ray Scanners? Expect this the next time you go through the airport X-ray scanners! TSA AIRPORT SCANNERS RADIATION CANCER X .