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1954 caddo mills tx drag strip - Texas Drag Strip History

Drag Racing Story of the Day! Memories of Caddo Mills. by David Ray. This is Caddo Mills drag strip. It's August Caddo was an old military emergency landing strip. Triangular shaped, and all concrete. There was no tower, rest rooms, or concession stand. There were no trees. Actually there is not much of anything, except concrete and. Towards this goal, the TTA is developing a series of drag races with traditional hot rods and authentic historical drag race cars. Back in the day, the original North Texas Timing Association was a group that brought together all of the midth century car clubs into the single body that operated the famed Caddo Mills drag strip.

Directions to reach the drag strip were to drive out Highway to Farm Road (today's Davis Blvd.) and to then follow the signs. A aerial photo shows the old strip. A foot remnant of the old drag strip can today be seen in a grassy field just northeast of the intersection of Smithfield and Bursey Roads on the location link (below). historical and bygone drag strips in Texas. historical and bygone drag strips in Texas.

Heath would be NHRA's national champion in The North Texas Timing Association conducted races at the Caddo Mills airport strip in Don Garlits ran at Caddo Mills in , on what he remembered was a "high-traction concrete surface." Bobby Langley's "Scorpion" A/FD was one of the featured racers at a May 7, , race. Mar 15,  · History Hot Rod History and Photos Dallas Texas on -Caddo Mills Drag Races. Us street racers often went to Circle Drag Strip on Friday or Saturday nights. Caddo Mills on Sundays. Cheers Mickey Davison Keep up the work on the history here on the HAMB Any more questions,just ask Bobby Wolcott,nearing 82 yrs old.