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Balanced door design uses the differential of interior and exterior air pressure to facilitate opening of the door. The imposed forces, whether wind or stack draft suction, are balanced on each side of the pivot in a 'see-saw' fashion. CRL Balancer™ Series Standard Aluminum Balanced Doors and Frames are available for budget-sensitive projects. These doors and frames offer the look of a Formed Monumental Door at the cost of a clad aluminum door. All our aluminum doors are blocked and welded to .

Balanced Door Hardware designed by Wikk, combined with our Tajima Door Line, allows CRL to offer you endless possibilities in design, finish, and functionality. We have applied our strict manufacturing standards, which you have come to know and trust over the years, to the Wikk Balanced. Balanced doors are a great option when customized doors are needed. In some cases, adding ornamentation (castings, grilles, panels, appliqués) adds a tremendous amount of weight to a door. Marrying this to a balanced door still allows the user to open the door using less force than that of .

Garage doors were designed to move flawlessly when in perfect balance -- this is the point where they feel neither too heavy nor too light and hang at whatever level you decide to set them. Unfortunately, too many perfect garage doors fall into disrepair when owners refuse to do regular maintenance. It’s important to check your garage door balance regularly and adjust it when necessary. In addition, our service is not just limited to STANLEY doors. We also service and repair any automatic door, regardless of the manufacturer. If you’re interested in enhancing your building with a manual or automatic revolving door, slide door, swing door, or any of our door systems, please contact STANLEY Access Technologies today. We’ll.