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arthritis base surgery thumb treatment - Basal Joint Arthritis Symptoms and Treatment

Using your thumb a lot can lead to osteoarthritis pain. Learn about symptoms and treatment options like exercise, medication, splints, and surgery.Author: Christine Case-Lo. Signs and symptoms of thumb arthritis may include swelling or stiffness at the base of the thumb. As the arthritis progresses, the pain and weakness may increase along with decreasing range of motion at the base of the thumb. As the arthritis advances even further, bone spurs may develop, resulting in an enlarged appearance at the base of the.

Arthritis is a condition that irritates or destroys a joint. Although there are several types of arthritis, the one that most often affects the joint at the base of the thumb (the basal joint) is osteoarthritis (degenerative or "wear-and-tear" arthritis). Arthritis at the base of the thumb is a type of osteoarthritis, a condition in which cartilage breaks down and releases substances that cause joint inflammation and pain. Thumb arthritis is typically found at the carpometacarpal (CMC) joint located at the base of the thumb.Author: Dmorgan.

Hand & Wrist Arthritis at the Base of the Thumb The specialized shape of the thumb basal joint allows the thumb its wide range of movement – up and down, across the palm, and the ability to pinch with the fingers. This location is also the second most common joint to develop osteoarthritis. Author: Christine Ballestrini. The treatments for thumb arthritis include: Anti-inflammatory medications. Thumb abduction splints A splint can rest the arthritic joint, and relieve the inflammation associated with thumb arthritis. The splint should be worn during activities that aggravate your symptoms. Cortisone injections.