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Aug 21, 2013 · Numbness after Breast Augmentation Surgery. Causes of Breast Numbness after Breast Augmentation. One of the key factors in the occurrence of numbness is the diameter of the breast implants. The wider the implant, the more the surrounding nerves may be stretched, damaged, or even severed. For example, a woman with a 14-cm diameter implant. Jan 21, 2011 · Why Does Left Arm Remain Numb 8 Months After Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery? I just completed my 3rd BA Revision surgery in L.A. after 2 unsuccessful surgeries in Thailand. My 2nd surgery was done in May 2010, and it was a horrible experience.

What results should I expect after breast implant revision? The final results of breast implant revision surgery will be initially obscured by swelling. It will take at least six weeks for the swelling to resolve and the breasts to feel softer and more natural. Pain After Cosmetic Breast Augmentation. Any surgery has some level of pain or discomfort associated with it. After all, your body is being cut, pulled, probed, pinched, injected as well as other unpleasant things, all for the greater good that will come afterwards when you look and feel great.

Sep 06, 2017 · Recovery After Breast Implant Replacement. Women having breast implant revision surgery to replace their implants can expect their post-operative discomfort and recovery time to be similar to that of their primary breast augmentation. The extent and duration of discomfort depends largely on the size and placement of the implants, and may Author: Eldar Gaziev. 15 days post op from left breast implant exchange and right breast capsulectomy and exchange. I went from 400 CC saline under the muscle to 520 CC gummy bear back under the muscle thru the crease under the breast. Increase in size to prevent lift- had slight natural droop in breast with previous.