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No. I did not have diaper full of "stuff". What I had was large plastic pants full of diaper. They tell me I was a late walker. I say 'No, wonder. You try walking around with those things on.' Although I was a bit young there. (Probably six months or a little older. Mind you those pants were probably for kids around a . Disclaimer: All photos, images and links to external content are provided by users. We take no responsibility for the content added / uploaded by users.

adult baby's". 3.2k likes. wearing diapers and plastic pantsFollowers: 3.3K. Plus having too much plastic can lead to bunching under your clothes. Just like when you are shopping for the right adult diapers to wear you have to consider the comfort of your plastic pants. Having plastic pants that fit right and do not pinch your skin will help you in managing incontinence effectively.

Nov 05, 2016 · If there was no stigma attached, no danger of being judged twisted or sick, would you wear your adult diapers, adult cloth diapers and plastic pants, etc. proudly? I love to go around the house in just diapers, plastic pants, and a T-shirt. Sometimes I wish very much that I could go everywhere in. Dec 23, 2015 · I just looked through this story again and made a couple of minor changes. It seems to be getting read (or re-read) to some extent. Of course if you google "sleeping in plastic pants" it's first on the list because that's the title, but I've noticed that it will pop up fairly quickly in other google searches related to plastic pants, so i suspect a good part of its readers are coming from.