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Youths Shouldn't Be Tried As Adults, Study Says. by. Jonathan D. Salant. WASHINGTON -- Every state allows children under 16 to be tried as adults, but new research indicates that many cannot understand their situations well enough to aid their defense. Jan 11, 2017 · Why Shouldn't Juveniles Be Tried as Adults? Why Shouldn't Juveniles Be Tried as Adults? January 11, 2017. By Flawless_Work BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware. More by this author Follow Flawless_Work.

Mar 25, 2016 · Should teens under 18 be tried and sentenced as children or adults? Watch "Stickup Kid," a short documentary from Frontline, and join the conversation with #DoNowJuvies. Jun 05, 2012 · If rehabilitation is the goal for teenagers who are tried and sentenced as adults, then prison is not the answer. There should be a different place for youth offenders. Prison is .

Yes teens should be tried as adults! I believe teens should be tried as adults. The juveniles should be held fully responsible for their actions and be tried as adults. I think that it is right for an eleven year old to be tried as an adult for murder because they know what they are doing and understand the difference of right from wrong. ) Even though a lot of people think teens are old enough to be tried as adults, they aren't. Here's why: $1 $1I'm a teen so I know that teens know right from wrong but that's not my arguement. My arguement is that teens are affected by: hormones, peer pressure, alcohol & drugs (admit it, most of us have already started things like that & it affects us more because we're just now starting it.