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Nov 12, 2015 · To encourage a culture that values knowledge and growth, develop professional development formats that support adult learning theory. Creating learning communities, peer coaching, collaborative action research and live lesson observations all support the principles of adult learning. To stand in front of a group of educators and demonstrate a learning strategy is not an assignment [ ]. Free professional development activities to strengthen your workshop, coaching, Self Development: Emotional Intelligence, Developmental Activities, is a community of professional trainers who are willing to share outstanding exercises and .

It’s Time to Make Learning Fun Again, Even for Adults. Bring professional development events to life with challenges that merge collaboration, interactivity, and problem-solving in a hands-on environment for learning technology. By Carl Hooker. February 10, 2015 Photo credit: iPadalooza Author: Carl Hooker. Professional Development Topics for Adults. The quality of service that adults provide to children and families is directly impacted by the manner in which they care for themselves. This training is designed to explore the importance of taking care of and promoting the social and emotional health of the caregiver. this professional.

Adult Development and Professional Development Knowles^"* referred to the adult learner as a "neglected species." When viewing adult development and professional development, he listed live key assumptions about adult learners: • adults wore motivated to learn as they experienced needs and interests that the learning would satisfy.