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Find a job with Pinal County Adult Probation. VIEW JOBS Most Wanted.. Adult Probation's Most Wanted Absconders. If your information relates to their possible or known location Call 520-866-5600. Do not attempt to apprehend! MORE INFO Inmate Search.. Search individuals who are currently incarcerated in the County Jail. About Adult Probation. This section provides general information about probation and tips for being successful while on probation. Please talk to your attorney about any questions you may have after reading the information on this page. Pinal County Government Web Disclaimer.

Please complete the form below. When finished, click the Continue button and you will be asked to review the information for accuracy before your payment is processed. (This form must be filed with Maricopa County) • Deferral of Fees Application • Filing Civil Foreign Judgment • Garnishment Forms (you will be directed to the AZCourts.Gov website) • Joint Report and Scheduling Order • Petition for Name Change of Adult - No Minor Children • Petition for Name Change of Adult - With Minor Children.

At the discretion of the County Attorney, a defendant may participate in the Pinal County Attorney’s Office (PCAO) Adult Diversion Program. This program is administered pursuant to A.R.S. § 11-361 et seq. and is subject to individual eligibility criteria. • Effective June 1 st, 2018 • MANDATORY EFILING FOR ATTORNEYS - attorneys are required to electronically file initiation and post-initiation civil case documents when filing into the Superior Court in Pinal read more • NEW LOCAL RULES - Order approving proposed abrogation and replacement of Pinal County Superior Court local rules.