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Tripping the Rift is an American/Canadian adult CGI science fiction comedy television series.It is based on two short animations published on the Internet by Chris Moeller and Chuck Austen.The series was produced by CineGroupe in association with the Syfy.Following its cancelation by that cable network, CineGroupe continued producing the series for the other North American and International Original network: Sci Fi Channel, Space, Teletoon. Mar 04, 2004 · Created by Chuck Austen, Chris Moeller. With Stephen Root, Maurice LaMarche, John Melendez, Gayle Garfinkle. Tripping the Rift is a CGI science fiction comedy television series. The universe is modeled largely after the Star Trek universe, with references to "warp drive" and "transporter beam" technology, occasional time travel, the Federation and the Vulcans.6.7/10(2.2K).

This a must see for any fan of the adult humor cartoons such as South Park, Oblongs, Drawn Together, and anything on Adult Swim. The characters are all very easily defined, but also hilarious. There is the nasty perverted captain Chode. "Tripping the Rift" makes some references to other science fiction icons like Star Trek, Star Wars and. Mar 29, 2004 · Tripping the Rift's episodes are the best. The one with the athletes playing mutilation ball was awesome. That's true much like adult swim is for adults and all of these are on cable so.