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Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Pants Q: Are your plastic pants smooth or soft? A: This seems like a straight forward question, but it is not so simple to answer. Even if the shade varies we can all agree on what colors blue or yellow are but smoothness or softness is . Proper Care of Traditional Soft Plastic Pants Extending the life of your Pants. With waterproof plastic pants the key to extended life is rinsing them as soon as practical after each use. This is especially true if you use lotions or oils as both can cause plastics or laminates to stiffen and eventually crack.

Sep 02, 2017 · 3PK Reliamed Adult Waterproof Soft Vinyl Plastic Pant Diaper Incontinent S-XXL (Adult Large Fits 34"-42" waist): Baby2.9/5(20). Premier manufacturer and retail supplier of quality adult and youth reusable incontinence products; including cotton flannel diapers, vinyl overpants, and related accessories. Diaper Company.

KINS Adult Plastic Pants and Rubber Pants. All of our KINS Adult Waterproof Pants, this includes our plastic pants, rubber pants, nylon pants and other diaper covers, have soft lycra bindings at the legs and the waist, are very comfortable and will not chafe or pinch the skin. Please note the encased waterproof pants do not have lycra leg and waist bands. plastic pants adult. 3PK Reliamed Adult Waterproof Soft Vinyl Plastic Pant Diaper Incontinent S-XXL (Adult Medium Fits 26"-34" waist) Reusable Adult Cloth Diaper, Washable Breathable Incontinence Nappy Pants For Incontinence Care Protective Underwear, For Disability Care, Suitable For Elderly Men Women(A51).